About Us

Located in sunny Sydney, Australia, our teams of vibrant and dynamic language and education experts are committed to devoting all their energies to ensuring that you have a memorable studying experience in Australia.

At YES STUDY AUSTRALIA we understand taking that first step is very hard. After all, Australia is the land down under, a magical place a little removed from the rest of the world but filled with wonderful opportunities, extremely hospitable people, great weather, unforgettable blue skies and yes, a few unusual (but very adorable) creatures.

So our main goal is to make your journey into Australia simpler and more enjoyable.

At YES STUDY AUSTRALIA we value who you are, your unique background, your expectations and goals. That’s why, when you first approach our team, we’ll invest our time to understand what your needs are.

With that information, we will offer you effective advice and information that will help you make the right decision.

Every single one of our team members has experienced the thrill of leaving their countries and coming to Australia to live and study.

So you can rest assured that we know what it feels like to be in a new country and feel a little overwhelmed.